What to do in Valmalenco on holiday? Anything you wish, in close contact with nature.
Staying in a hotel in Lanzada means easy and quick access to a wide range of activities in the mountains able to meet everyone's wishes and expectations: sportspeople training at high altitude, ski lovers, families with children in tow, people looking for an active holiday or simply to relax. Discover the main attractions, places to visit and things not to be missed in Valmalenco for a holiday at any time of the year: in winter snowy mountains for skiing and snow fun, in summer a green valley in the heart of the Alps.

MTB and e-bike trails in Valmalenco

Biking enthusiasts can test themselves every day on several mountain bike trails in Valmalenco, near Lanzada and Chiesa Valmalenco: many paths, trails and mountain itineraries for cycling in nature, also in the company of the Valmalenco MTB guides offered by our hotel. And to tackle the toughest climbs you can take advantage of our ebike and electric MTB rental service.

Skiing in Valmalenco

A short distance from Hotel Biancospino is the start of the Snow Eagle in Chiesa Valmalenco, Europe's largest cable car, which gives access to all the ski slopes in Valmalenco. With its 160 km of slopes of varying difficulty, also suitable for children and beginners, the Valmalenco ski area offers the possibility of skiing in the Alps at the foot of the Bernina and is one of the best ski resorts in Valtellina.

Bagnada mine

The Bagnada mine offers the chance to visit an authentic mine in Valmalenco near Lanzada, formerly used for the extraction of soapstone (talc) and now converted into a mining eco-museum. Descending into the bowels of the mountain, you will be able to experience what it was like to be a miner, a historically widespread job in Valmalenco thanks to the soapstone and asbestos quarries.

Trekking and Refuges in Valmalenco

Holidays in the mountains mean excursions and walks in nature. There are many opportunities for excursions in Valmalenco, and they are suitable for all levels of preparation: easy itineraries in the Rhaetian Alps, trekking and mountaineering routes to discover the most famous alpine beauties - from Pizzo Scalino to the Gera Dam, from Alta Via della Valmalenco to Lake Palù - and the best refuges in Valmalenco such as Cristina Refuge, Bignami Refuge and Motta Refuge.

Fellaria Glacier

From Lanzada and Hotel Biancospino you can easily reach the Fellaria Glacier, one of the most beautiful glaciers in Valmalenco and the Alps. The Fellaria Glacier is located in Alta Valmalenco, at an altitude of 3500 metres, and is the destination of an interesting trekking excursion that starts from the Gera Dam or the Bignami Refuge and follows several glaciological paths that will take you to admire a real alpine glacier up close: a not-to-be-missed activity in Valmalenco!

Sport climbing in Valmalenco

Mountain climbing enthusiasts can find several opportunities to practice this discipline in Valmalenco. Indeed, near Lanzada it is possible to rock climb among the peaks of the Alps, on the crags of Zoia at Campo Moro, in Val Poschiavina or in the Chiareggio area, and to climb indoors in the climbing gym at Lanzada's sports centre. The hotel provides guides for climbing in Valmalenco.

Cross-country skiing in Valmalenco

The skiing offer in Valmalenco includes not only the slopes and lifts for alpine skiing, but also cross-country skiing trails, which total more than 25 km. There are several areas for cross-country skiing in Valmalenco: in Lanzada there is a ring that is illuminated even at night, at Lake Palù with 7 km of track, and in San Giuseppe with a ring suitable for all levels of ability on narrow skis.

Alpacas in Valmalenco

Families on holiday in Lanzada in search of children's activities in Valmalenco cannot miss the Alpacas la Foppa Centre in Caspoggio, near Hotel Biancospino, where they can enjoy an unforgettable experience with alpacas: alpaca trekking in Valmalenco, alpaca trekking for families, and many organized activities for children, in the company of these special mountain animals.

MTB guides in Valmalenco

Thanks to the partnership with Bike Bernina, guests at Hotel Biancospino can discover Valmalenco by bike under the guidance of expert cyclists, take part in guided MTB excursions, attend mountain bike courses for children and adults during the summer with professional instructors, and try their hand at the Valmalenco Trail Zones in Caspoggio and Palù Park to test themselves on special MTB trails.

Valmalenco Alpina

Since 2004 Alpine Guide par excellence in Valmalenco, many activities in all months of the year.

Pegorari Sport

Ski and E-Bike equipment hire, sports and leisurewear shop.